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  • GOODKIDS every student is the child of teacher

  • Happy studying!

      Established in 2009, GOODKIDS is located in Ho Chi Minh City, with all teachers from China. So far 2 branches have been opened in District 7 and 2, providing language training programs including Children’s Program (under 5 years old), Chinese Language Training Program, HSK Training Program and etc. Our teaching purpose is to taking good care of the students at GOODKIDS as our own children. For younger students, we do not only teach them Chinese language, but also DI ZI GUI (traditional education readings), folk songs and Chinese songs.

      Except to let students learning Chinese language in happiness, we have our students well prepared for HSK Examination (level 2 – 6) according to their Chinese language level. We feel very proud that our students have made great achievements at each HSK Examination all the time with high percentage of pass.


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